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Facts and Figures

Discover information about Australia and its people. Find out about our climate, history, holidays, events, statistics and tourism.

Australia in brief

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Provides an authoritative overview of Australia's history, the land, its people and their way of life. It also looks at Australia's economic, scientific and cultural achievements and its foreign, trade and defence policies.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Facts about Australia

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Learn about Australia's history, culture, great food and wine, art and spectacular natural landscapes and get an insight into what makes Australia the vibrant, modern and multicultural nation it is today.

Tourism Australia

National location information

Provides information about Australia's landforms, dimensions and land tenure, plus links to topographic mapping. Find our highest mountains, longest rivers and significant rock features and waterfalls.

Geoscience Australia

Australian currency

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A brief introduction to Australian currency for tourists.

Tourism Australia

Australian values

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The Australian government encourages visitors and new residents to learn as much as they can about Australia, including Australia's heritage, language, customs, values and way of life.

Department of Home Affairs

Classified Phone Directory – Yellow Pages

Search for the phone numbers of products and suppliers you need.


Exchange rates

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Current exchange rates as listed by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Reserve Bank of Australia

FAQs – answers by librarians to questions already asked

Provides a series of answers to frequently asked reference questions. Search FAQs by keyword or browse by topic.

National Library of Australia

Phone directory – White Pages

Search for a business, locate government departments and agencies or simply get in touch with a friend anywhere in Australia.


Weather in Australia

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Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year but the climate can vary due to the size of the continent.

Tourism Australia

Year Book Australia 2012

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Provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical overview of various aspects of the economy and social conditions in Australia. Also contains Information on Australia's government, international relations, geography and climate.

Australian Bureau of Statistics